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Hugest Metal & Electronics Co., Ltd. is founded in Foshan city since 2005.Now our platform scales have occupied the whole market in South of China. Our robots' daily production capacity of bench scale can be 2,500 pieces.

We are specialized in platform scale, mechanical scale, floor scale, truck scale, waterproof scale, weighing indicator, load cell etc.

Our products are prasied with stable quality & good price. We supply goods all around China and export to United States, France, Russia,Japan, South Korea, Thailand etc.

We have a strong R&D team and sales network to support our developing and producing in weighing scales and automatic weighing systems.

We adhere to the ISO9001 manufacturing requirements.

"Precision & trustworthy" is our culture .We keep improving production, service and consistent commitment!

We sincerely welcome you to contact us for wholesale and retail business.

We'll be your trusted partner in weighing business!

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Email: albert@hugestme.com
Tel: +86-15216176490
WhatsApp: +86-15216176490

Address: No. 11, Zone B, Fuan Industrial Zone, Leliu, Foshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


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